just ask


Have a specific question regarding your personal style or image? Need some ideas on what to pair with those great loafers? Got a date and want to make sure you are looking your best? You now have the option to ask a question and get a personalized answer! Simply go through Google Checkout below, and we will then send you an email to get the ball rolling. *Please limit your question to one question per question purchased.

the perfect finishing touch


Not sure what pair of glasses or sunglasses will look best on you? Do all of the choices about ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, etc. confuse you? Let Made Men help you choose the best accessories, glasses, and color for you based on our expert criteria. 

the perfect outfit


Have a date, job interview, or important event? Do you have something to do or attend and want to look your best, but don’t know what to wear? I will help you choose the perfect outfit for any occasion using your current wardrobe, new items, or a combination of the two.

virtual grooming session


Are you ready for a new hairstyle? Maybe you’ve had your current style for a while, and know it is time for a change. Maybe you are thinning and don’t know what to do. Maybe you just want to send me some current pictures, and let me do my thing of sending you suggestions to help you look your very best. Whatever the situation we can help.

skype consultation

$75 / 30 min

$125 / 60 min

Technology is a wonderful thing when we use it to our advantage.  Online consultation is great for the busy executive or guy that just needs to get it done.  From anywhere anyone can have a style, grooming, or lifestyle consultation.  With a Skype Consultation, no topic is off limits. The consultation is one or two hours, which you can spend your time addressing your questions about style, asking about your grooming regime, tightening up your fitness and nutrition program, or even covering a whole host of lifestyle questions that any gentleman may have. Are you needing a boost in confidence? Perhaps some advice regarding a personal or professional relationship? We are ready to consult with you regarding anything you’d like.

the virtual makeover


You don't have to leave near to have your own image makeover.  If you don't live close or don’t have the means or time to come to us the virtual makeover is the option for you.  So, how does the virtual makeover work? Upon purchasing the service, you will receive several emails from us confirming your purchase, as well as initiating the makeover. Thereafter:

  1. The first step will be to complete the Virtual Questionnaire worksheet.
  2. Next, email the worksheet to the provided email address, along with a few digital pictures of yourself. The digital pictures are used to assess who you are and what your needs are.
  3. We analyze the key elements of style and image, and specifically direct you through the maze of wardrobe, style and grooming… in an effort to increase your powerful presence and professional/personal desirability.
  4. Depending on your goals and what you are looking to achieve – increased dating success, job promotion,  – we help you make it happen. Each virtual makeover is customized to the individual, and comes complete with clothing options and links for your consideration and/or purchase. We pay attention to you and every detail. If needed, we will personally contact your salon or hair stylist to help you obtain the desired hair style that you and I decide works best for you.

The virtual process happens as fast or as slow as you need to take it. We realize you are a busy, so proceed with each piece of your image puzzle at your own pace.