Virtual Consultation $799   

Too busy to meet in person? ZoomUS Virtual consultation is great for the busy executive or person that just needs to get it done. From anywhere anyone can have a ZoomUS consultation.  You get the same level of service as you would in person so it is perfect for the person who understands that time really is money.  During the consultation you can spend your time addressing your questions about style, asking about your grooming regime, or any other questions that you may have.   

Virtual Makeover $4,495          

You don't have to live near to have your own image makeover. If you don't live close or don’t have the or time to the online makeover is the option for you. The virtual process happens as fast or as slow as you need to take it. We realize you are a busy, so proceed with each piece of your image puzzle at your own pace.  Contact us for more details.