What does a complete makeover look like?

  • Your style consultation will start with us getting to know your personal style goals through an in-depth questionnaire and image evaluation.

  • We'll take a look at your current style and walk you through steps to significantly upgrade your image.

  • Your consultant, where applicable, will spend a full day before your scheduled date, searching stores and handpicking outfits for you so that time is maximized during your shopping session.

  • On the day of your consultation, you'll try on several of stylish outfits, and pick the ones that fit your personal brand.

  • You'll learn how to find the perfect fit for your body as well as the style of clothes that work best with your build.

  • You'll learn how to make the most out of every purchase by finding exactly what you need; learning what to spend on and what to save on.

  • Have trouble with color or patterns? No worries. During the consultation you'll learn exactly what your best colors and patterns are and how to creatively use them in incredible outfits.

  • Frustrated when you try to put outfits together? You'll learn the easiest methods to mix and match clothes to create outfits that flawlessly work from head-to-toe.

  • Most of all, you'll leave with a whole new wardrobe of killer outfits tailored to your personality and lifestyle!

  • For online makeovers this process will tailored to fit your location and geography with in person services handled, where applicable, online. Every online client is different therefore each online clients’ makeover will vary in the particulars, but project scope and timeframes remain the same.

This complete makeover in a process that takes between 10-12 hours and is spread out over the year. The bulk of all makeover projects are done behind the scene with a 1-2 follow calls for adjustments etc. Clients must ensure they attend all set appointments and touch base throughout the process prior to purchasing any additional items. It’s customary for clients to get excited and want to rush through this experience, but building a timeless wardrobe is a process and in order to complete correctly it must not be rushed. Seasonal clothing availability as well as client geography also play a factor so it is important for all clients to be patient with the process. You are responsible for wardrobe purchases, hotel and airfare costs if applicable.

Consultation dates are planned according to your availability, and budgets for clothing are set by you as well. If required, monthly payment plans can be discussed for the service.

As stated in the description this is a process and by undertaking it you are agreeing to complete the journey and adhere to our refund policy upon payment.

Refund Policy

In the state of Oklahoma, where by Kevin Samuels, Inc and its subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates are headquartered, there is no right to cancel contracts or purchase agreements. Whether you can receive a refund is dependent on the retailer's return and refund policies.

 As a customer you are responsible for understanding this refund policy upon purchasing any product or services at our website(s). However, we understand that situations may arise in which you feel as though you it is possible you did not make the correct decision. In these cases we offer a buyer’s remorse option which allows a money back guarantee only during the first 72 hours after money has been exchanged for a product or service. In order to benefit from this policy you must contact Life & Style by Kevin Samuels, Inc., its subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates during the first 72 hours after the first payment of a product or service and the receipt or proof of purchase.

 By making a payment you have agreed to our refund policy.