In this two hour strategy session, you’ll walk away with feeling better and much more confident that you know exactly how to put together the best you.  Knowing what actually works best for your body type, face shape, and coloring, given your lifestyle is a game changer.  Also show you hair styles (facial too) that enhance your best features. You’ll even learn a bit about quality tailoring. You’ll walk away with a confident, feeling great, and having a clear picture of what works for you and a concrete game plan on how to look amazing every day.


Don't have time to shop or which stores have what you need? Well you're with a professional who knows how and where to shop in order to save time and still get quality clothing? Let me show you that shopping can be an simple, easy, and fun as we search for the perfect clothes for your personal brand.  

FULL MAKEOVER              $2495

This full personal styling session is our most popular service. During this time, we'll completely revamp your image from head-to-toe. Shock and awe your friends, colleagues, or date with a totally new and attractive look. This service includes a fashion education and shopping, along with follow-ups throughout the year.