Harrod's Agarwood

Sex in a bottle.   Dark, deep, smoldering, brooding, carnal, lush, oud that is guaranteed to make you stand out.  Now for the note analysis.

Created exclusively for Harrods, the new fragrance by the house of Bond No. 9 was introduced, inspired and based on agarwood (oud). Dominant in the compositions. In a black flacon with golden details Harrods Agarwood announces a powerful, dark and oriental saga intertwining with hot spices.

In the game of spices, hot resins and precious wood, the composition of Harrods Agarwood highlights accords of nutmeg, black tea, saffron and violet, with dark and sensual notes of agarwood, sandalwood, labdanum and amber. The composition is deepened with notes of patchouli and the unique effect of suede lingering on the skin. Fragrance Bond No9 Harrods Agarwood arrives as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Harrods Agarwood was launched in 2013.

Expensive, but well worth the money.  For the man who wants to be dominant among men this is the fragrance for you.

Posted on September 20, 2015 and filed under Fragrance.